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Making of

A look inside how some of these projects were developed.

Escape Machine

Here are some of the initial designs for what was then called the "Get me out of here button". We first wanted it to be hundreds of buttons placed around Paris that would give out trips every day.

By Teenage Engineering

The client said that if we're going to give out trips, we'll need something more spectacular so we comped up this:

By Alex and I

After a bit of a production nightmare and people telling us we could only have a tiny amount of action for a large amount of money we started again from scratch and brought Pleix on board:

Initial Design

3D model

Final Product

Final Product

There were 3 people inside the machine operating everything by hand like oompa loompas. The two lips came out from behind and the heart jumping on the trampoline was hidden inside the top of the box. 

After watching the film online, you could go into first person view and take a chance at winning a ticket yourself.  This was directed impromptu style by Clemens PurnerAlexander Kalchev and myself. Between rehearsals we had one take to capture the entire action...

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