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Making of

A look inside how some of these projects were developed.

Attraction: the anime

What a nightmare. Really. We thought this was going to be so much fun to work on. It was the perfect recipe, Unit9 for the digital production, Koji Morimoto for the animation and good production time (+- 10 months) but it turned out to be insane. Totally worth it but crazy. Communicating with the japanese anime studio turned out to be pretty much impossible. We thought they said yes when they said no. They thought we agreed when we disagreed. In the end, it still managed to meet our expectations and became one of our most awarded projects, with three D&AD pencil nominations and a Webby among others.

Here's some work in progress imagery from the sets to characters.

Tokyo in the year 2040

Interior sketch

The project was initially called 15.

Hiro, one of the main characters.

His friend Ren.

and Koichi.

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