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A look inside how some of these projects were developed.

Chaos at Home

Another over over over ambitious project where each day seemed to bring in more mistakes and more lessons to be learned. We could have just gone and payed Ubisoft or any other major french game studio to skin one of their existing Wii titles. Change the levels a little and your good to go. But no. We wanted to go the difficult way. Build game mechanics from scratch, do everything in cell-shading to give it that drawn 3D look and of course create intro and outro cutscenes for each of the 17 mini games. Alex and I came up with the story, the characters, the levels and overall art direction. We also designed the cover art. In the end my childhood dream came true, walking through a store and seeing my own video-game on the shelves.

Here are some Work in Progress images:

First sketch of the house. The idea here was to give the house itself character, the more you repaired it, the happier it got.

We wanted our 2D illustrations (left) to look just as good when rendered in 3D (right).

First sketch of the family

Here are some different version of the dad and his evil boss which we later turned into the annoying neighboor.

The menu was a good place for us to re-use the 2D elements. Giving it a Saul Bass relooking.

Alex and I wrote a hundred names and designed tons of covers. Chaos At Home is the one that stuck around.

We even made this intro screen that shows up everytime you start up the game right after the Wii logo.

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